Gillingham POW!

Gillingham Pow! is a temporary art intervention along Gillingham High st, Medway, Kent. Commissioned by Medway Council.

Artist Nicole Mollett has created two drawing works in response to the poem by Rosemary Tonks entitled ‘The Drinkers of Coffee’. A short graphic story, on show inside the window of the charity shop Scope, and a banner on Sapper Way outside the local conservative club.

Rosemary Tonks(17 October 1928 – 15 April 2014) was an English poet and author.  Rosemary Tonks was born in Gillingham in 1928 where her mother Gwen was living at a time when her husband Desmond was working in Nigeria. Her father Desmond Tonks died in Africa before Rosemary was born. She published two poetry collections, six novels, and pieces in numerous media outlets. Recently her poetry has been republished by Bloodaxe books.

The Gillingham Drawing book is a new creative resource inspired by local architecture and heritage landmarks. This workshop book invites participants to explore the town, look up, and use their imagination to add their own drawings to the blank spaces on the page. All you need is a pencil or a pen. Colouring-in pencils are optional. Collect your free copy in charity shops, cafes or in the library.

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With thanks to Bloodaxe books for permission to work the words of Mrs

Bedion of The London Evening (Collected Poems & Selected Prose)

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