Sheerness Drawing Book

The Sheerness Drawing Book is a new drawing resource booklets for schools, families and visitors on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. The creative educational book takes inspiration from local architecture around the town, and invites the participant to use their imagination and to add their own creative marks to the blank spaces on the page. Here are a few examples of participants imaginative drawing responses (thanks to Chloe Cooper, Reuben Carroll, and Jo Eden) .
As part of the Sheppey Schools Digital Arts Festival 2021 Nicole Mollett delivered online workshops with over 250 primary school children. She ran two zoom sessions with 13 classes attending each workshops, the students were given a copy of the Sheerness Drawing book and a series of short drawing exercises including designing their own idea for an island folly.
To collect your copy of the book  visit the Rose Street Cottage of Curioisty during normal opening hours (see