Six Women Project

March 2022 – March 2023, Gillingham High St (near the library)

The Six Women public art project celebrates the life and work of six women with a close connection to Gillingham in Medway. This series of artworks are by artist Nicole Mollett and are funded by the Welcome back fund, to create and promote a safe environment for local trade and tourism, following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The project aims to foster a sense of pride in Gillingham and its history, and to raise awareness about the lives of these six women.

Eileen Tirzah Garwood (11 April 1908 – 27 March 1951) Artist

Verena Winifred Holmes (23 June 1889 – 20 February1964) Inventor and engineer

Dr Lorna Wing (7 October 1918 – 6 June 2014) Pioneering psychiatrist

Sarah Forbes Bonetta (1843 -1880) African Princess and friend to Queen Victoria

Dame Kathleen D’Olier Courtney (1878–1974), Suffragist and peace campaigner

Rosemary Desmond Boswell Tonks (17 October 1928 – 15 April 2014)  Poet and Novelist

To watch the ITV news article about the temporary public art project click on this link;

Following the public display of the six portraits and a one year program of lectures and workshops in Medway Libraries, a publication was created in collaboration with local writers and poets, entitled Inspired by Six Women Who Shook the World, edited by S.M. Jenkin and Maria C. McCarthy (Medway Libraries, May 2023)was launched in March 2023. The front cover of the book was created using drawing by Nicole Mollett, in collaboration with graphic designer Mark Barnes.