A Frail Happiness/ Darkness Visible

A pair of wooden showboxes, containing paper, glue, led lights, 2017

A Frail Happiness and Darkness Visible are a pair of showbox dioramas. The drawings inside contain political disaster messages, being created just before the 2017 election. The format was inspired by Gainsborough’s Showbox which contain a series of picturesque landscape paintings on glass, and is on display at the V&A museum. The viewer is invited to peer into a miniature worlds containing hand-painted scenes, and imagine the parallel existences of heaven and hell.

These works were on public display during;

10th– 30th June 2017, Camerwell Library, as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival

2nd– 28th October 2017,  Kaleidoscope Gallery,  Sevenoaks, Kent