Graphic Novel For Luton

Graphic novel for Luton is a collaborative project, based on real-life true experiences of people who live in Luton. Artist Nicole Mollett is inviting local writers to collaborate with her to make a collection of hand drawn stories about Luton. The project will engage communities, celebrate diversity, and encourage intercultural connection, cohesion and empathy, through the accessible medium that is visual story-telling. There will be four public workshops run by Colour the Town collective, will inform the narratives and drawings, and a group of writers will create the texts.

This multi-perspective graphic novel will offer a window into everyday lives for wider audiences, giving a platform for expression of identity, aspiration and hope for the future of Luton. The project aims to break down barriers between different communities, by creating a safe context in which to discuss shared interests and ambitions for their home town. The Graphic Novel for Luton will be by, with and about the people of Luton. The Graphic Novel for Luton Project is funded by Arts Council England and Luton Arts Fund.

Commission Brief -Graphic Novel For Luton MAY2019

Examples of Mini Graphic Novel by NM 2016-2018 with text from writers