The Colossus and Other Stories


The Colossus and Other Stories is a collaborative project, based on real-life true experiences of people who live in Luton. Artist Nicole Mollett invited a group of writers to collaborate with her to make a collection of short hand drawn stories set in Luton. The graphic novel celebrates diversity, and encourage intercultural connection, cohesion and empathy.

This multi-perspective graphic novel will offer a window into everyday lives for wider audiences, giving a platform for expression of identity, aspiration and hope for the future of the town. Character include people such as a young woman who experienced hidden homelessness, a middle aged man caring for his elderly father, a grandma who is of gypsy heritage remembering her childhood, and young woman who is experiencing domestic abuse. The stories have relevance beyond the geographical premise of the publication, these experiences of hardship and isolation effect individuals across the UK.

A4 Book, 48ppĀ 
Cover: 300GSM Silk + matt lam outer
Perfect Bound


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