The Art of Mono Printing with Suminagashi

Jose Den Hartog & Nicole Mollett

Saturday June 8th 11-4pm | Sunday June 9th 2-4pm

Artists Nicole and José delivered a fun and easy workshop to a create a monoprint using a marbling technique called suminagashi (floating ink). 

The art of paper marbling originated in China about 2,000 years ago. Originally, it was a secret technique. It became popular in the 12th century in Japan, where it was called suminagashi and in the 16th century, the technique spread to India and Persia, where it was called kaghaz-i abri (“sunless paper”).  In suminagashi, you create a pattern with sumi ink and water, this pattern can be distorted in various ways, but the character of the water always remains visible. 

These workshops were part of Medway Print Festival & the Chatham Pumping Station Project.