Graphic Novel for Luton

Artist Nicole Mollett is looking for unique stories about life in Luton. Over the next year, she will be gathering and drawing on multiple perspectives of communities who live and work in Luton. Nicole wants to celebrate the rich diversity of Luton, and tell the story of individual lives, from a personal perspective to describe and animate the town. These stories will be gathered into an epic Graphic Novel For Luton, and be shared on multiple platforms, including digital and mass distributed printed material. There will be a series of  free public art workshops, exhibitions and events as part of the project.

I am developing a project with a group of local partners, to write and draw a new graphic novel based in Luton. This artwork will be delivered on multiple platforms, both digitally and in print. I am experimenting with animations and other media to expand how viewers experience my artworks.

I have created a manifesto (above) which outline my approach and values in developing this project.

This project is being funded by Luton Arts Fund and Testbeds.


I am part of a cohort of artists in Luton called Testbeds. Testbeds is a research and development programme for artists from multiple disciplines; visual arts, dance, film, music, with an interest in socially engaged practice and public realm creativity.

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I have been commissioned by Francis Knight arts consultancy to help research, engage the community and gather ideas to inform an arts strategy for a new development at Stones Farm, Bapchild. The first public consultation is being held on the 12th May at Bapchild Village hall 1-3pm. All welcome.


Inspiral Night Walk in North Fleet

NIGHT WALKING NORTH KENT Art Festival | April 19th – 22nd 2018

“the city (and countryside) is at its most earthly and unearthly at night.” (M. Beaumont NightWalking 2017: 2)

This unique festival of nocturnal walking, offers 4 nightdays of curated walks, art, talks, workshops and exploration across North Kent. By bringing the Inspiral Metropolitan Trail experience back to Gravesham, we reimagine together the long-distance night walks of Dickens – from central London out to Gads Hill – creating ‘other journeys of wild, ludic and untrammeled adventure’ that begin to reclaim the night terrain on foot. This festival brings together a collection of informative and entertaining public walks, with artistic events and an exhibition display at Gravesend Library (30 March – 30 April). The display reveals the ongoing mapping of the InspiralLondon Metropolitan Trail while celebrating the themes of night walking.


Across the whole festival associate artists will be presenting unique responses to the metropolitan trail experience, in being a part of and observing the city by night. Beginning the journey at Kings Cross, we launch the unique Inspiral Trail map. Inspiral Director Anne Robinson will talk about her new work Darks and on being a flaneuse – ‘Only One’s a Wanderer.’ The evening culminates with unique ‘Night Walking with Dickens – The road home’ guided by Keith Turpin as we head from the spirals centre toward Kent.

Then on Friday evening (20 April), we arrive at Gravesham Art Centre for Sarah Sparkes’s GHost Hostings 19: Of Ghosts and Spirites Walking by Nyght with Scott Wood (London Fortean Society), Giles Abbott (story teller) and a sonic performance from Breathing Space Collective. Then join the HiLight night walk to Northfleet, illuminated by Mollett and Morris’s new magic lantern encounters with the Rosherville Pleasure Gardens. As the evening progresses you will be invited to reclaim the night together with – dotdotdash – Birgitta Hosea’s collaborative light action.

On the weekend 21/22 April, LV21 and Gravesham Arts host video installations by Richard Couzins, Sarah Sparkes, Anne Robinson and counterproductions, alongside discussions and talk including: a live introduction of Rachel Gomme’s street tree-twinning project and counterproductions open Rosherville HiLights making workshop.  Or discover Caroline Gregory’s Talismans, a collection of lucky charms and artefacts that evoke protective deities, souvenirs of the sea that offer protection from the darkness. On the Saturday evening, LV21 provides a suitably Estuarine venue for a talk introducing our Long Hoo Night Walk, with nature writer and conservationist. Carol Donaldson, celebrating the North Kent Marshlands. Carol’s first book, On the Marshes was published by Little Toller in 2017 and follows a journey across the North Kent Marshes meeting people who have chosen to live in unconventional ways. While sound artist Grant Smith (soundcamp) will introduce us to ways of experiencing soundscapes remotely. This 26-mile walk through the night takes place in another zone, a nocturnal Slow Walk inspired by Deveron Arts’ annual Slow Marathon event held on the same day (22 April). This marathon night walk is a 21st Century version of Charles Dickens’s treks to Gad’s Hill.  As we walk out into the night to explore the unique botanical diversity of the marshes, we prepare ourselves for discussing birds of the night and all things orniphilosophical with Inspiral’s unique ornithological expert J D Swann.


As Gravesham Artist and Inspiral Director Charlie Fox argues: “Walking, a practice of on the ground mapping, allows us to imagine together other cities, different times, and worlds, as we confront the reality of our ever-changing metropoles.” In opening up the Inspiral Metropolitan Trail to a wider public, this 300-mile artist designed trail explores and exposes the unique connections that crisscross the expanding hinterlands of the Metropole. Offering walks for all ages, interspersed with performances, events and artistic intervention. The Night Walking is an inclusive, fun way to explore our urban/semi-urban lives as we range across Gravesham, the Hoo and Northfleet, knocking on the night ground, turning up the unexpected, the uncommon and uncanny. Come and join us as amateur naturalist, expert historian, pleasure-seeker, archaeologist or simple nightwalker, to scour the night time, and prepare to be enlightened, amazed, challenged, as we explore together the rich and overlapping natural and cultural histories of North Kent.

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Director Charlie Fox mob. 07748655103


This Festival and Artistic Commissions are supported financially by ACE (Grants for the Arts), KCC, Metropolitan Trails and counterproductions. With generous support of Gravesend Library, LV21, GAC, The Grand, CGP London, soundcamp, GHost Hostings, Deveron Arts, CoolWalks, Walking Artist Network and Walking Women.

Skedule on Friday 20th April

Meet at Gravesend Arts Centre

6.45-9.315pm at GAC Sarah Sparkes N.Kent GHost Hostings with Scott Wood + speakers!

9.15-11.30 Light Walk – Night Walking North Fleet – part 1: Portland Pleasure Histories

Combining tales of Portland Cement Mines with the pleasures of Rosherville Gardens – leading a light walk from Gravesend Pier to Centre of Northfleet, stopping to reimagine the extraordinary pleasures of Rosherville Gardens before descending to Ebbsfleet Intl.

Performing artists include Nicole Mollett, Birgitta Hosea, Inspiral Menagerie

Note last train to return to St Pancras London is 23.35 taking 19 minutes to London. We plan to end part 1 walk to arrive at Ebbsfleet International for the train before at 23.05

2018 Night Walking North Kent

Forthcoming Shows

Camberwell Arts Festival

June 10th-18th, Camberwell Library

A Frail Happiness / Darkness Visible

Nicole Mollett presents visions of a city as both heaven and hell. Inspired by Gainsborough’s 18th century showbox in the V&A museum collection, this work allows the viewer to peer into miniature parallel worlds containing hand-painted scenes.

Shoreham Sculpture Trail

June 17th -18th, Shoreham Village, Kent

This is a unique opportunity to view major works of Art in the gardens of this very pretty village, where the great artist Samuel Palmer painted some of his most famous pictures. Tickets can be purchased at the Village Church on either day. £10 for daily ticket and £15 for a weekend ticket. Refreshments will be on offer at the Church and various gardens along the Trail.

Collateral Drawing

2nd Sept -5th November, Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone

Collateral Drawing is a curatorial project by B E A S T O N projects, exploring the relationship between the surfaces of the artist’s studio and the artworks they produce within these surfaces. Elements from the artist’s creative process that would otherwise remain unseen by the public are shown alongside a finished artwork. The project aims to provide an invaluable and unique insight into each artist’s working methodology revealing various clues integral to the creation of a final artwork.

Installation photographs of  ‘Only the World Remains’ exhibition, Space Station 65, Kennington.

5th May – 29th July 2017.

A conversation with the artists and writer Sally O’Reilly event on 15th June. To book your free tickets go to;

For more information about how to get to the gallery go to

Photographs by Rob Smith of ‘The Triumph of Time and Truth’ performance on the 5th May with sound artist Lee Berwick and performance artist Frog Morris at Space Station 65 Gallery. The work was inspired by the David Coke text on Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, which once stood close to the location of the gallery.

Bridgette Ashton & Nicole Mollett

An exhibition of sculpture, installation, drawings and works on paper.  Featuring a live Magic Lantern performance by Nicole Mollett during the opening and a guided walk by Bridgette Ashton on 6th May at 2pm.

Building One
373 Kennington Road
SE11 4PT

6/5-29/7 (open Thursday- Saturday)