I gave a talk about the life and work of Gillingham-born artist Tirzah Garwood, who was a talented artist, and her work was often presented in an unconventional, humorous manner. She occasionally worked with her husband Eric Ravilious. This talk is part of an Arts-council funded project, celebrating the lives and work of six extraordinary women with a close and personal connection to Gillingham in Kent.

The talk recorded Tuesday 9 August 2022 at Gillingham Library. The artworks featured within are shared with kind permission of the Towner Art Gallery, Bridgeman Images UK, the artists family, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the artist Nicole Mollett.

The Water Flea Ballet was performed live to an audience inside the Project 78 Gallery, on the 3rd September 2022.

The Exhibition was curated by Peter Fillingham and contained the works of over 40 visual artists, sound artists, writers, and film makers.

I am giving a talk about the life of versatile and influential artist Tirzah Garwood. Tirzah was part of the celebrated Great Bardfield Artists and created unique work in several mediums.

Nicole has created a series of six murals to represent Tirzah, alongside the 5 other women recognised as part of our circle of six project, celebrating the global impact of 6 women with a personal connection to Gillingham.

Come and join us as we learn more about Tirzah and her life on Tuesday, 9 August 2022 at Gillingham library, 7.30-9pm.

You can book your free place by calling 01634337799, book online with your library card at medway.spydus.co.uk or visit any Medway library.

The Nest was a collaborative project with student at Lawn Primary School, Northfleet. The space provides mental health services for children aged 5-12years old.

This artwork was created in 2022 by artist Nicole Mollett and a group of students at Lawn Primary School. The children worked together with the artist through a series of drawing workshops, to draw their emotions as fantastical creatures. These drawings were then placed into an imaginary woodland landscape with oak, elm, beech, and silver birch trees which represent the names of the different classes at the school.

The project was funded by Ebbsfleet Development Company.

It was featured on the BBC southeast news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-68222165

Medway Open Studios 2nd -10th July 2022



Nicole Mollett
The Tack Room
Hulks Lane, Rochester, ME1 1EE

Sat 2nd 10:00 – 17:00, Sun 3rd 10:00 – 17:00, Wed 6th 15:00 – 21:00, Thurs 7th 12:00 – 21:00 (Drinks 6pm-9pm all invited), Sat 9th 10:00 – 17:00, Sun 10th 10:00 – 17:00

Nicole Mollett is a socially engaged artist whose work includes drawings, public art, and Magic Lantern performances. She is interested in public art practises. What happens when art is realised outside of the gallery context? Nicole makes detailed hand drawn maps which suggest hidden narratives, and celebrate alternative histories.

Eco Rainham

Have you got an Eco Story about Rainham?

Artist Nicole Mollett is looking for eco-stories to draw as part of a series of short graphic stories set in Rainham. Her drawings will celebrate acts of kindness and care for the environment. The aim is to encourage a conversation about climate change in Rainham.

Anyone can send in a story. Stories need to have a connection to Rainham, but can also include other places (e.g. Rainham resident going to a climate protest). Each story will be made in collaboration with the contributor. The final artworks will be on display throughout summer 2022 in a temporary exhibition display on Rainham High street.

Send your stories too nicole@nicolemollett.co.uk

My work is on show in the Open at the Turner Contemporary.

The group portrait Northfleet Lunch Club Volunteers is part of ‘Tales and Tastings’ a socially-engaged art project exploring food histories in Northfleet and Swanscombe. As part of my research I spent time talking to people at the lunch club which is runs every week in the Big local Centre. The volunteers cook and serve meals to around 40 attendees, creating a safe space for individuals to connect with one another. These women provide a vital service of care for vulnerable people, who are at risk of loneliness and isolation.

For details about the exhibition and to book free tickets to see the show go to the Turner Contemporary website.

Northfleet Lunch Club Volunteers (Pauline Hickmott, Carol Preston, Joan Plumb, Joan Norman, Wendy Waller, Sue Rothery, Ola Idowu), 2019 Watercolour on paper.