Northumberland Heath: Now & Then
Saturday 14 Oct 2023 – Northumberland Heath High Street, Bexley Road.
Gallery No.32 in collaboration with social artist Chloe Rochefort are excited to announce Northumberland Heath: Now & Then, a celebration of North’ Heath’s history and the people who have shaped it. Immerse yourself in a community-generated exhibition, public art trail, and free creative workshops.

Now & Then explores themes of collective history, contemporary society, intergenerational connection and community resilience.

Featured Artists:
Chloe Louise Lawrence, Illustre Fecia, Jacob Talkowski, Jill Laudet, Katie Surridge, Mirham, Nicole Mollett

Commissioned by Gallery No.32, Chloe Rochefort and Three Rivers as part of Now & Then Art Trail, Northumberland Heath 2023. Funded by Arts Council England.