Forthcoming Shows

Camberwell Arts Festival

June 10th-18th, Camberwell Library

A Frail Happiness / Darkness Visible

Nicole Mollett presents visions of a city as both heaven and hell. Inspired by Gainsborough’s 18th century showbox in the V&A museum collection, this work allows the viewer to peer into miniature parallel worlds containing hand-painted scenes.

Shoreham Sculpture Trail

June 17th -18th, Shoreham Village, Kent

This is a unique opportunity to view major works of Art in the gardens of this very pretty village, where the great artist Samuel Palmer painted some of his most famous pictures. Tickets can be purchased at the Village Church on either day. £10 for daily ticket and £15 for a weekend ticket. Refreshments will be on offer at the Church and various gardens along the Trail.

Collateral Drawing

2nd Sept -5th November, Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone

Collateral Drawing is a curatorial project by B E A S T O N projects, exploring the relationship between the surfaces of the artist’s studio and the artworks they produce within these surfaces. Elements from the artist’s creative process that would otherwise remain unseen by the public are shown alongside a finished artwork. The project aims to provide an invaluable and unique insight into each artist’s working methodology revealing various clues integral to the creation of a final artwork.