An Evening of Art and Music

20th May 2016

at The Maison Dieu, High Street, Dover CT16 1DL

More info:  inspirationdover.dadonline.eu

Exhibition from 5pm. Concert at 8pm. Cafe & bar.

Tickets £10: inspirationdover.eventbrite.co.uk and Dover Visitor Centre, Market Square


Nicole Mollett has created a folded drawing entitled ‘They Also Shall Return’ for the St. Margaret’s Museum. The work is a visual social anthropological map of the community who lived in the village during the War. The prominent feature of the drawing is the faces of people taken from the photographic archive; the soldiers, their families, the parish council and volunteers. A range of individuals both heroic and humble. The portraits are woven together with fragments of images from the frontline, The War illustrated magazine and St. Margarets Village.