• Atlas of Kent

    The Atlas of Kent is a snapshot of the projects which happened inside the Kent Cultural Baton on its Grand Tour of Kent which reveal the texture and character of this creative county. The book contains contributions from the following artists and writers; Erin Newell, Bridgette Ashton, Jon Adams, Duncan Ward, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Amy Curtis, Workers of Art, The Big Fish, Mark Sosbe, Steve MacPherson Rosa Ainley, Animate and Create, Jane Pitt, Sally O’Reilly, Acrojou, Simon Barker, Nick Snelling, Abake, Iain Aitch, Sue Jones, Gayle Chong Kwan, Peter Fillingham, Colin Priest, Jeremy Millar, Lloyd Durling, Maggie Rose, Toni Batey, The Batons, Emrys Plant, Tom Swift, Stour Valley Arts, Matt Rowe, Dolores de Sade, Ros Barker & Franny Swann, Luce Choules, Martin Latham, Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright, Jessica Ackermann, Cara Flynn, Brian Dillon, Adam Chodzko, and FAF Arts. To download and read use this link; http://kentculturalbaton.com/atlas/AtlasOfKentBook.pdf